December Writing Challenge: Day #3

Come check out this HILARIOUS little short story by Minah!

Find Your Freedom

31 Day December Writing Challenge
Day #3: Santa Claus



Santa-Claus-1“That is one creepy old Santa Claus.” I stated as we walked into the mall. At hearing this, my friends burst into laughter. “Yeah, he sure is creepy.” Mary agreed with me. “They probably found a random old homeless person off of the streets and told them that they would pay them if they would dress up as Santa for some little kids.” Randa exclaimed, which started another burst of laughter from all of us. We walked away from the Christmas exhibit, until I stopped all of a sudden.

My friends quickly noticed that I had stopped walking, and they headed over to me. “Guys… I just had the most brilliant idea…” I stated, as my friends crowded around me. “What?” Katie asked. I smiled brightly at all of them, before telling them my master plan. “We…”

“We should…

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