Short Story #5 by Minah Harmon: “Homecoming Fear”

Check out this SPECTACULAR short story, by Minah H!

Find Your Freedom

“Homecoming Fear”
Homecoming Dance-Inspired Short Story
Written by: Minah H. 


“Oh my goodness…” I’m sitting on my bed, slowly breathing in and out, in an attempt to calm myself down. “Oh dear…” I’m scared, nervous, anxious, worried. All of my emotions are swirling around in my head, causing a flurry of anxiety-inspired butterflies to erupt in my stomach.

Tonight is the night of my high school’s Homecoming Dance. This is my SECOND time going to the Homecoming Dance, but my FIRST time going with a date. With a boy. A boy that I like. A boy that I REALLY like. A boy who’s my potential boyfriend (if my parents approve).

I’ve NEVER gone to ANYTHING with a date. Except for Father-Daughter dances with my dad. But those CERTAINLY do not count.

I worry so much. “What if I mess up?”“What if I make a fool of myself?”“What if…

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