Poem #10 by Minah Harmon: “The Creative Arts”

Come check out this AMAZING poem by Minah!

Find Your Freedom

“The Creative Arts”
A Freestyle Poem
Written by: Minah Harmon

Writing and reading.
The imaginative author,
typing a book.
It’s published, it’s published!
Oh, the readers will cheer!

Drawing and painting.
The inspired artist,
creating a masterpiece.
It’s finished, it’s finished!
Oh, the critics will celebrate!

Singing and dancing.
The spontaneous dancer,
choreographing an act.
It’s done, it’s done!
Oh, the students will rejoice!

Recording and clicking.
The observant photographer,
taking a photo.
It’s saved, it’s saved!
Oh, the fans will revel!

Oh, the splendid creative arts.
So much to do,
so much to see!
I wouldn’t want to be
anybody but me!

I am an author,
an artist,
a dancer,
a photographer.

I am me,
and I’m very proud to be
a producer of the
creative arts.

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