Mimi Playz x Jacksepticeye Fanfiction #1


(Mimi Playz x Jacksepticeye)
Written by: TyDaSenpai

(Note: This is a fanfiction dedicated to the AMAZING YouTuber, Mimi Playz, for her to read in Fanfiction Reading! You’re amazing, Mimi!!) 

Mimi-Playz-Profile-Picture-1“There she is…” Seán (Jacksepticeye) thought to himself, as he gazed across the school courtyard. There, sitting on a bench, surrounded with her friends, was his crush. Who? Well, none other than Minah (Mimi Playz), or more commonly known as Mimi.

Her light skin was a soft cream color. Her shoulder-length, golden-brown locks of hair shone in the sunlight. Her black eyeglasses slipping down her nose, with her slender hands occasionally pushing them back up. Her gigantic, oversized, gray hoodie covering her petite, skinny frame. Her adorable giggles echoed through the courtyard, mixing in with her friends’ laughs + voices.

Seán smiled softly at the sight of her happy face. “Oooooh~! Jack has a crush on Minahhh~!” Seán’s best friend, Mark (Markiplier), exclaimed, teasing Seán. Seán’s face immediately turned a light shade of pink, as he turned around and swiftly punched his best friend in the shoulder. “Ow!” Mark yelped, as Seán’s fist made contact with Mark’s shoulder. “Shut up, Mark!” Seán exclaimed.

Across the courtyard, Mimi turned when she heard two voices arguing. “There he is…”Jacksepticeye-1 Mimi thought to herself, as she saw her crush arguing with his best friend. Seán, also known as Jack. She loved his bright-green hair, his striking blue eyes, his tall frame, his love for video games, his hearty laugh, EVERYTHING about him. She silently swooned at the sight of her beloved crush. Of course, he didn’t know she existed, or so she thought. “I’m only a quiet, shy nerd… He’s one of the most popular boys in the school! He wouldn’t care that I exist…” Mimi thought sadly to herself.

“Ooooooooh~~!!! Who’s Mimi looking at~?” Mimi heard her friend Cupcake (MuffinAndCupcakes) say, with a teasing tone. Mimi immediately turned her head away from Seán and quickly stuttered out, “N-Nobody!” “Don’t lie to me, Mimi~! I know you’re looking at Seán~!” Cupcake teased Mimi, standing up to place her hands on Mimi’s head. “N-No!” Mimi exclaimed quickly, a bright-red blush adorning her face. “Awwww~~!!! Little Mimi has a crush~!” Randa (Rpp123) teased, eagerly watching as Mimi’s blush intensified. “S-Shut up!! That’s none of your business!!” Mimi shot back.

“Awww~~!!! Wittle Jackie has a crush on Mimi~! That’s ADORABLE!!” Mark teased his best friend, as Seán’s face turned a medium-pink color. “S-Shut up, ya bloody wanker!” Seán exclaimed, an embarrassed expression on his face.

“You should TOTALLY talk to him!” Pixel (PixelatedSorceress) insisted. “Yeah, DEFINITELY!!” Aggie (Aggie Kopp) agreed with Pixel. “I… I can’t… He’ll think I’m weird and boring and awkward…” Mimi said sadly, looking down at the ground.

“You should TOTALLY talk to her, Jack!” Mark insisted, pushing on Seán’s shoulder. “I… I can’t… She’ll think I’m weird and annoying and pitiful…” Seán stated sadly, looking down at the ground.

“No!!” “Why you he think that?” “He’ll think you’re cute and amazing and sweet and funny!” “He’ll think you’re hot!” A bunch of voices spoke all at once. “Really?”

“No, Jack!! She’ll think that you’re handsome and hot and cool and funny and great!” Mark insisted. “You think so?”

“YES!!” Mimi’s friends insisted, as they pushed her towards Seán.

“OF COURSE!!” Mark insisted, as he pushed him towards Mimi.

Eventually, the two of them met in the middle of the courtyard. “U-Ummm… Hi?” Mimi started. “Hey.” Seán said back. They stared at each other awkwardly for a moment, before they started talking at once. “I’m Minah.” “I’m Seán.” They looked at each other shocked, before they both burst out laughing.

Once they stopped laughing, they introduced themselves. Then, they started talking, making an easy-going conversation.

Soon enough, the bell rang, signaling that lunch was over. Minah and Seán looked at each other, realizing that it was time to go. “Oh…” They simultaneously said. Once they realized they talked at the same time again, they laughed once more. “I’ll see you later then?” Mimi asked. “Of course!” Jack replied. Mimi smiled, before starting to walk away. Jack hesitated for a moment, before he ran over to Mimi. He pulled her into his chest, pecked her lips, let go of her, and then ran off. Mimi stood there, in shock, realizing what just happened, with a bright-red blush on her face.

#MimiSepticeye for life!!!


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