Status Post – 12/12/2016

Good morning everybody! TyDaSenpai here! 😀 🙂 *waves hello* Today, I decided to post a status post, since I haven’t done one in a while. I’m currently at school at the moment, in my first period. Today is Exam Week for my school, unfortunately… UGHHH!!! 😦 *groans* I’m ready for most of my exams, actually, I just REALLY do NOT want to take exams… Mimi14Senpai is experiencing Exam Week as well. I’ve never taken mid-term exams to be honest, but I’ve heard from some upperclassmen at my school that they’re PURE TORTURE!! Today is a normal school day, but starting tomorrow, we’ll be taking exams. Please wish me luck on my exams! I’ve got to go now, see you later! Bye! *waves goodbye*



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