Featuring an Awesome Blog!

Hey, what’s up? TyDaSenpai here! 😀 🙂 *waves hello* I’m starting something new on this blog of mine! I’m going to be featuring cool blogs and/or websites! This is the first WordPress blog that I’m going to feature! I REALLY hope that you will check the blog out & follow it! Continue reading to see the blog & what it’s about! 😀 🙂 😉 

Link to Featured Blog:

This blog is created by my blog editor, Mimi14Senpai! But she uses this blog as a website/blog for her AWESOME YouTube channel! Her YouTube channel, Mimi Minecraft & Gaming, is AWESOME! *smiles* 😀 I REALLY like her YouTube channel! She has a WIDE variety of content! She posts gaming videos, vlogs, reaction videos, Fanfiction Reading videos, How To videos, shoutouts, and SO MUCH MORE! Do her a favor and go check out her YT channel! And don’t forget to subscribe! 🙂 *smiles*

Anyway, that’s it for this featured post! Don’t forget to check out her blog! Next, I’m planning on featuring her YouTube channel! So keep an eye out for that! See you later! Bye! 😀 🙂 *smiles and waves goodbye*



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