Ways to Spend Your Sunday!

“Perhaps the world’s second-worst crime is boredom; the first is being a bore.”

-Cecil Beaton

I have to agree with Cecil Beaton and that quote up there. Boredom is 100% HORRIBLE, and I DESPISE being bored. But sometimes, you just can’t being anything BUT bored. For example: when I’m in school in my Health class, it’s nothing but boring. The top 2 times when I’m bored are: #1) When I’m in school & #2) When it’s a Sunday. So, I’ve created a blog post about INTERESTING ways to spend your Sunday! I hope that you will enjoy! 


  • #1) – Clean!

For most parents, when they’re bored, they clean the house. Mimi14Senpai tells me that her mother cleans EVERY DAY! My mother cleans whenever she’s bored, when somebody is coming over, or if the house is a total disaster. Cleaning is not for everybody though, obviously.

  • #2) – Get out of the house!

Leave the house and go somewhere! A park, a friend’s house, a store, anywhere! Just go somewhere where you won’t be bored!

  • #3) – Do something that you like to do!

Do something that you like to do! Play video games, watch TV, watch YouTube, go on the internet, read, write, the list goes on and on!

  • #4) – Finish things that you need to do!

If you have homework or work that’s due soon, is overdue, is uncompleted, do it!

  • #5) – Hang out with somebody!

Hang out with a friend, a family member, anybody that you’re cool with hanging out with! Invite them over to your house or ask them if they would like to go somewhere!


6 thoughts on “Ways to Spend Your Sunday!

      1. No problem! 🙂 *smiles* And you’re actually planning on doing that? That’s awesome! 🙂 *smiles happily* If you don’t mind, could you maybe tell me what you’re planning on making it about?

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      2. Oh! That’s cool! I can’t wait to see it! 🙂 *smiles excitedly* If you want, I can help you? I mean, I can give you ideas, create you a featured picture for the post, edit the blog post, et cetera. Would you like me to?

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