Status Post – 11/13/16

Hey, what’s up, people? TyDaSenpai here! 🙂 Today has been a pretty boring day.

I went to church this morning with my family, worked on some unfinished homework, played some video games, read a book, cleaned my room. Just the regular things that I do on a Sunday. Right now, my parents went to the store & I’m stuck at home, watching my little sister. She’s playing on the tablet that we both share. I’m on my mother’s laptop, which she’s letting me borrow for today. Tomorrow will be Monday, which means… the chaos known as… SCHOOL! *groans* Ughhhh… 😦 Anyway, my little sister wants me to make her a snack, so I’m going to end this post here. I hope that you have enjoyed, I guess. I’m still getting used to blogging… See you later! *waves goodbye*


By the way, when I write a post, I’m going to write somewhat like my friend, Mimi14Senpai. Whenever she writes in capital letters, she bolds the words; when she types an action inbetween two stars, she italicizes the action. I’m going to write my posts like that.


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